Art in Progress & Video Art

Peeking into the latest work-in-progress from Methagod before anyone! Includes videos of his ongoing works and video arts.

Latest art news from Methagod. Features a review of Methagod from Elina Melloul's journal.

Purchase the latest Methagod's art work in Art Shop. Features "King of Mountain", a sculpture 25th Edition schedule to be released in December 2017.

Methagod's solo exhibition concepts and works. From "Under My Gender" (2016) to the latest exhibition "My Fantasy World 0.000000000123456789" (2017).

Animation works featured in Methagod's solo exhibition; "Under My Gender" and "My Fantasy World 0.000000000123456789".

Features Methagod's art project up to the latest work; "Eco Art", the painting concept proposes to bring attention to objects that people overlook with an example of fallen bamboo shells that simply walk pass and overlook.